Glass office fronts are more than a trend; they have been used by businesses since the mid-20th century.

So, why do businesses choose glass office fronts over other design styles?

We’re glad you asked.


Benefits of using glass in your office

1. Communicates openness to your employees/clients

Glass provides transparency, and communicates to your employees/clients that you are an approachable organization. It also shows that your business practices and interpersonal philosophies are also open, ultimately leading to the generation of positive feelings among employees.

2. Conveys class

Aside from its modern design appeal, studies show that using glass in your office can have part in helping clients determine the perceived value of your business. Having a sophisticated clean look in your office space will communicate a level of confidence to your clients.

3. Allows for visibility while still maintaining privacy

If you choose to use glass office wall dividers, employees will be able to see each other, which will build a sense of unity and connection, increasing communication and collaboration. Being able to see each other will also contribute to increased productivity due to the fact that employees feel they are more accountable to one another.

4. Makes for Happier employees

If you have a view of outside and the glass lets in a fair amount of light, not only will your team feel happier but they will also be more productive. According to an article by Infoscience research suggests that daylight exposure decreases stress and increases productivity. To keep in line with International Building Code requirements, be sure to add at least 8% of glazing to glass that gets regular sunlight. The amount of tint you use past the required percentage will depend on your type of business.

5. Offers opportunities for LEED credits

Installing a Privacy Wall may contribute toward earning LEED points for your project. Even if you’re not applying for LEED, you get points for being considerate to the environment. A  Privacy Wall is 70% recyclable and contains 36% recycled content.

6. Provides customizable features which can be tailored for your business

Because there are so many colors, patterns and textures available when selecting a glass office front, you can wrap your businesses aesthetic atmosphere right into your current design.

7. Helps your business stay within their budget

Your business is designed to grow. Although you may not be able to always add more space to meet your evolving culture, you can easily reposition the glass fixtures to create a larger feeling space and to keep your project budget friendly.

8. Provides an ease of Installation

The completion of a glass office front project will take less than half of the amount of time compared to doing a full office reconstruction.  Another benefit:  glass office front projects are less messy and not as noisy. In most cases, you can keep your business open and your employees can still come to work during the installation.

What local business owners are saying about glass office fronts

The Oklahoman Media Company

“My one-word answer would be transparency.  We are continually working to create and maintain a culture of openness and transparency at The Oklahoman Media Company, and we felt like glass office fronts in our new building would be a good reinforcement of that desired culture. With many of our offices being located on the perimeter of our building, glass office fronts also allow a lot of daylight into our space for those in work station areas to enjoy. That is a nice, additional benefit to using glass office fronts.”  – Scott Briggs, Vice President of Administration

Dr Tim Love

“Our double glass door entry welcomes our patients into a calming green marble foyer. The openness glass affords perpetuates this feeling throughout our suite. Through our intentional use of glass display cabinets and mirrors, we reinforce our mission to our patients of ‘creating a beautiful reflection of you.’-  Tim R. Love, M.D. (Plastic Surgeon in Oklahoma City)

If you have any questions or are looking for a certified glass installer, we would love to help you.