You’re strolling down the street and you stop to take a peek into a shop window. You take a long look and then, like in Alice in Wonderland, you’re transported to an entirely new world.

The same can be said when you take the time to walk down the streets and peer into the windows of Oklahoma City’s best storefronts.

Here’s a rundown of some hotspots to shop in and around OKC.

Checkmate from the Garden to the Roof

Alice stepped out of her house and stumbled onto a chess board in her garden where there were talking flowers. On the fourth square she met two new friends named Tweedledum and Tweedledee, nursery rhyme characters, who recited poetry to her. When looking through the windows of Plenty of Mercantile, the items in the shop window will make you feel like you are seeing poetry in motion and also a garden that will come to life if you take it home and give it a little TLC. If you visit at certain times during the month, you can take your journey right up to the rooftop for yoga, cooking and other classes that will take you to new heights.

Sheep Heart Denim

Crossing the brook, The White Queen turns into a sheep and the shop, (which is operated by sheep) turns into a boat that floats down the river. Staring through the window of Blue Seven provides a warm feeling like wearing quality wool on a cold day. Just like your favorite wool sweater that never wears out, this shop provides some of the best raw denim to stand the test of time. They even have an event at which they ask their customers to wear their jeans six days a week for seven straight months and then after wearing the seven months they will wash their jeans. Afterwards, each person who participates gets to hang up their jeans in a gallery for the day to show that these jeans can weather just about anything they go through.

Humpty Dumpty Meets Pearl the Buffalo

When the boat disappears, Alice reappears in the shop and the egg she buys magically turns into Humpty Dumpty, a poetry genius who impresses her with all of his knowledge. As you stand outside the Full Circle Bookstores window, you will see a local artist piece called Pearl the Buffalo. This buffalo leads the way to Humpty Dumpty heaven with over 60,000 titles of books that are ripe for the picking. And if you feel like you want to brush up on your knowledge, the store has many groups that meet to do just that in conversational Spanish and other languages. You can also be serenaded by local bands and let the music come to your ears with group poetry readings.

The Walrus and the Carpenter Hit the Open Sea

Tweedledum and Tweedledee read Alice a poem about the walrus and the carpenter finding a bed of shoed oysters. In the poem the oysters get eaten and speaking of discovering oysters, one way to find them is to go deep sea diving. Looking through the window of Blue Water OKC will help set you in the right direction to start your own deep sea diving oyster adventure. This shop provides the right gear, great instructors and a travel planner to set up your Caribbean dive. You may not see shoed oysters, but you will see all the ocean floor has to offer an experienced diver.

Time on Wheels

March Hare (called Haigha in The Looking Glass) is always late according to his calculations for his tea party and is always urging his friends to get there as soon as possible. You could go on foot, but if they had Schlegel’s Bike Shop, March Hare would have much rather used a mountain bike to get where he needed to go sooner rather than later. Gazing through this shop’s window will get you thinking about the nice view of OKC while pedaling away. They have rentals, offer repairs, sell bikes as well as accessories, and even offer bike education. Rather than using your feet for walking, coast your way to your next tea party (or wherever you are going).

Party Guest Traits are Sweet Riddles and Hats

One of the White King’s messengers and tea party accompaniers, the Mad Hatter a.k.a Hatta stays out of trouble by having tea. Hatta, known for his funky hats and riddles, knows the perfect spot to have his party. If he were to choose a place in OKC, there is no doubt he would go to Pinketzel, which means tickled pink in Yiddish. When you stare down the looking glass of shops window you will see pink lemonade cupcakes, peanut butter Nutella cupcakes and many more yummy treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. Hatter would love to have his friends over in their event room named after him – the MadHatter Party Room. But maybe you prefer the Black White Room? (Think Marie Antoinette) This sweet shop has more than cupcakes and candy; it has a place to celebrate with friends, no matter the occasion or attire.

 (photo credit: courtesy of Ghost Advertising / Hannah Ashford)

(photo credit: courtesy of Ghost Advertising / Hannah Ashford)

The Real Queen of Hearts

Alice finds herself on the eighth square and is finally crowned queen. She did all she could to not only make it through the game that the Red Queen set her up to play, but she helped everyone she came into contact with. The demonstration of her heart in action is what won her the chess game. Giving is a powerful thing and shopping at a place like Shop Good that gives back to the community will give you the feeling of cuddling up with a warm little kitten, just like Alice when she finally awoke from her dream. From tea cup candles, to Warby Parker glasses, to the latest in Okie fashion, this shop features many different vendors who all believe in generosity. A portion of each sale portion goes to support a deserving effort to strengthen communities and meet real needs both here in Oklahoma City and around the world.

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

As we stop and take a moment to behold the beauty that window glass demonstrates, let us remember that what we see is all a matter of perspective. Unless of course, the glass is broken and needs to be replaced, then you know you can call the glass experts.