It seems that every year, Oklahoma’s weather turns from summer to winter within a week’s time. By taking a few steps to winterize your home, you can save on your energy bills. Not only will your wardrobe and A/C make a fast switch from cool to warm, but your doors and windows will need to make an adjustment as well.

While replacing your existing windows with energy-efficient windows is the most effective way to prepare, there are some other simple ways you can save energy and seal in the heat.

Replace weather stripping

Adhesive weather stripping is an affordable way to keep out drafts. You can purchase it at your local hardware store and easily apply it yourself to the edges of your windows and doors.

Winterize Your Roof

Residential roofers, Van De Steeg and Associates, recommend that you seal your roof before the big storms hit. This will protect your shingles from ice dams and other types of winter damage.

Use caulk to seal cracks and leaks

Another effective way to prepare for winter weather is to seal cracks or air leaks around windows with caulk. Be sure to caulk during the warmer part of the day so it is able to set.

“Draft Snakes”

Draft stoppers, also known as “draft snakes,” are fabric tubes filled with rice or other heavy filling to block air leaks. Blogger and seamstress Ellene McClay offers custom length, made-to-order draft stoppers in her Etsy store, Fortress Co. These are great for the bottom edges of your windows and doors.

Storm Doors and Windows

Consider installing storm doors or storm windows to add an extra layer of protection from the bitter cold winds. Not only will storm doors/windows keep out the cold, but they also protect your home debris that comes with hard winds. Here at Edmond Glass, we install Don Young storm doors. These are made out of an aluminum thermal-break frame, which is extremely energy efficient.

Change Air Filter

At the beginning of each winter, the techs at Air Conditioning Service, Inc. recommend changing your air filter to help air move efficiently through your system. A clogged air filter can lead to poor performance, and a heating system that has to work twice as hard – using twice as much energy.

Update Your Thermostat

Finally, your heating system will benefit from an updated thermostat, preferably a digital model that can be programmed. A new thermostat will be more accurate, and a programmable thermostat can be set to turn off when you are out of the house, and back on when you are due to return.

If you are considering replacing or repairing windows in order to save energy during the winter, give us a call for a free quote!